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All About | Apr 17, 2019

Q&A with Abbey Lossing, Illustrator of our New Brooklittles Pattern

All AboutApr 17, 2019

Q&A with Abbey Lossing, Illustrator of our New Brooklittles Pattern

Brooklyn-based Illustrator, Abbey Lossing takes us in her home to show us her creative process and inspiration behind our new Brooklittles pattern, "Urban Jungle."

What was your inspiration behind the illustration?

I wanted to create a scene inspired by the busy & vibrant streets of NYC, but with a playful twist.

What are some of your favorite memories from childhood?

Growing up I loved playing outside. I was always coming up with new games to play.  

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Probably a Macaw. I'd fly around the rainforest all - day. And they live for 50 years!

And would you still be an illustrator if you were that animal, or would you have a different job?

I'd probably still be an illustrator. My work would be even more vibrant & colorful.

What are your favorite things about NYC?

I love the energy. There are always people bustling about. I also enjoy spending time in the park, and eating all of the delicious food!

How did you want to show that inside the design?

I wanted to show how playful the city can be. Especially through the imaginative eyes of a child.  

Hayley is the Social Media & Editorial Manager at Brooklinen. Formerly a journalist at Inside Edition, she has a background in news, and editorial journalism. Hayley is also a photographer and has had her work featured in Disfunkshion Magazine & Misadventures Magazine. This California native loves to be outdoors and can be found surfing and dancing in her free time. Follow her on IG @hayhayhill

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