Benefits of Silk: Our New Mulberry Pillowcase and Eye Mask

     | Woman in bed eating dessert on silk pillowcases

With origins dating back to ancient China, where it was once reserved for royalty, silk is one of nature’s most luxurious gifts. According to legend, an empress accidentally discovered silk when  a cocoon slipped from the branches of a mulberry tree into her teacup. For hundreds of years thereafter, it remained China’s best-kept secret.

Lucky for us, the secret eventually got out. Silk cloth, which gets its natural sheen from the prism-like structure of its light-refracting fibers, has long been embellishing closets and homes around the world. It also happens to be a surprisingly effective beauty secret (just ask any dermatologist or beauty editor).

While sleeping on other fabrics can lead to wrinkles over time—especially if you’re a side or stomach sleeper—silk lacks friction and won’t leave creases on your skin. It also helps keep unsightly frizz and hair breakage at bay, meaning your blowouts will look better and last longer.

Mulberry Eye Mask and Pillowcase | Woman hugging a silk pillowcase

On top of all the beauty benefits, silk also just plain feels amazing against your skin. 

That’s why we’ve added silk pillowcases and eye masks to our offerings, all made from top-quality mulberry silk charmeuse, with a momme weight of 22.

What exactly does that all mean?

Mulberry means that our silk comes from silkworms fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves—just as it was done centuries ago.

Charmeuse refers to the traditional satin weave used to bind the natural fibers together, giving the resulting fabric a lustrous sheen on one side and a matte finish on the other. Not only is silk charmeuse an excellent insulator, retaining heat in winter and letting it escape in summer, it’s also less absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about your face cream or hair gel lingering on the fabric.

A momme is the method used to measure the weight of silk fabrics. The higher the momme, the softer and more durable the silk. Our 22-momme silk is on the highest end of the weight spectrum, meaning it’s the sleekest, silkiest silk you’ll find. And because we cut out the middleman, we’re able to offer this level of quality at an accessible price.

Check out our range of pillowcases and sleeping masks. We recently added Carbon to our existing color offerings (Ivory and Dove Gray), so there are more options than ever to choose from (and did we mention they’re 100% machine washable?). We can’t think of a better, lower-maintenance way to take care of yourself in the new year—and add a little luxury to your life in the process.

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