Six Ways to Display Your Bedroom Plants You Probably Never Thought Of

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Your houseplants offer more than just air-purifying properties—they’re brimming with design potential, too. To prove our point, we rounded up a handful of creative ways to style your houseplants inside your bedroom. From structured hanging planters to floating plant holders and beyond, here are six design-savvy ideas for showing off the plants in your bedroom so you can score better air quality at home.

1. Wall-mounted shelves

Looking for unexpectedly sleek way to fill the empty area above your bed? Mount a few floating shelves above your bed to prominently display some of your beloved houseplants instead of a humdrum headboard.

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2. Hanging planters

Forget your grandma’s macramé hanging planters (even though they’re still super cute). Today’s hanging planters are every bit as sophisticated as they are functional. Install a structured hanging planter in a window for an eye-catching bedroom scene or suspend a singular hanging pot for a sleek bedside plant display.

3. Floating planter holders

Why waste an inch of valuable bedroom space on a bulky houseplant setup when you can forge a sleek and simple floating planter display instead? Not only are floating planter holders super affordable, they’re a stylish way to maximize a small bedroom space.  

4. Forge a plant wall 

Dreaming of a full-blown plant wall in your bedroom but working with a budget? Turn a sliver of bedroom wall space into a bonafide plant wall with nothing more than a chic and affordable wall planter.

5. Gallery-style floating holders

Transform an empty wall into a gallery-style plant display with the help of floating planters. Arrange a few cool-looking ceramic ones artfully above your bed to create a focal point in your bedroom or consider a pair of geometric ones on either side of your bed to make a symmetrical statement.

6. Styled on your windowsill

When all else fails, you can always count on a solid bedroom windowsill to show off some of your houseplants in style. Arrange a handful of small leafy houseplants by height for a creative windowsill display or opt for some bright and colorful planters to brighten up your bedroom windows (and ensure your plants get an adequate amount of sunlight).

Whether with hanging planters or floating shelves, there are plenty of unexpectedly sleek ways to arrange your houseplants to improve the air quality in your bedroom.

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