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Spaces: Shop by Room

Shop each room from Spaces to get your dream oasis.

Oct 31, 2019

We’ve curated 3 shoppable rooms, with 57 items from 20 of your favorite brands, so you can point and click your way to your dream oasis. Here is a little background on each of our rooms so you can match your style and build a space tailored to you. 

Our Style Inspiration:


Earthy Minimalist

This room celebrates the negative space as much as the objects within it. Mix in natural, organic materials and earth tones to create a tailored but cozy feel. Inspired by nature, this look has touches of Scandinavian modernism with clean, functional pieces that are beautiful in their simplicity.  And though this look is also inspired by the deserts of the southwest, crystals aren’t required.

Explore Earthy Minimalist here.

Relaxed Industrial

Taking cues from old factories and warehouses. You know this look as exposed brick. Metal beams. That Brooklyn-loft-former-factory vibe. It’s super cool, and when done right, still feels warm enough to call home. Inject pops of color and texture to balance out clean lines and graphic elements. Pair harder elements like wood, with softer stuff, like our cotton sheets, to keep it relaxed.

Explore Relaxed Industrial here.


Modern Glam

This room is equal parts luxury and boldness. We’re talking rich textures in luxurious hues. Think brass, polished metal and marble accents to balance out the softer, more detailed elements. We like to think of this look as a little eccentric, a little refined and a whole lot of style. Start by combining contemporary pieces with elements that wow. 

Explore Modern Glam here



Written by Katherine Penta

Katherine is the Copy & Editorial Director at Brooklinen. She’s from Maine and she’d love to tell you about it. When she’s not working she spends her time searching for NYC’s best chicken parm, watching garbage television, and wishing she had stuck with the piano like her mother told her to.

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