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Does Your Zoom Background Need a Refresh?

Are you in need of a zoom background refresh? We've got you covered for every day of the week.

Jul 13, 2020

Let's be honest, if you have been working remotely during the last four months of Quarantine, you have most likely experienced a bit of Zoom fatigue. I am talking about back to back meetings where you are looking at yourself in the corner of your screen and noticing how your laundry is overflowing in the background or, OOPS, your significant other just ran out of the bathroom, naked. (Okay, maybe we all haven’t experienced that one yet, but who knows?) 

We think it’s time for a zoom extreme home makeover, and like always, we’ve got you covered. We have put together a list of Zoom backgrounds that will have your co-workers, friends and family all singing your praises for your freshly made bedroom, and you know what? We won’t tell! 

So, maybe for that next Friday happy hour, you take an outside break with our Beach Towels or for your mid week hump day, get re-energized with some bold new Linen colors. We can all use a little recharge and yes, this is how we gotta do it these days. We pulled together different backgrounds for every weekday mood. 

 From your friends at Brooklinen, Happy Zooming!



Wait, the weekend is over? I’ll just work from my bed today.



Okay, the weekend IS really over, I am making my bed today and waking up an hour earlier.


Hump Day! Feeling accomplished and bold. Maybe I’ll even stay up late tonight with all this energy.


OK, so I may have picked up some new plants (or five) at my local store. 



We made it! Time to party! (in my backyard that we will pretend is the beach) 



I decided to change my whole room vibe, and rearranged my room for the 12th time, but still taking time for a family catch up so they can see my hard work.



If you need me, I will be Facetiming with my friends in the bathtub with a face mask, pretending I am at a luxurious spa with a big glass of water (and by water I mean wine.) 

Written by Hayley Hill

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