Sustainable Swaps for Spring (and Beyond)

Sustainable Swaps for Spring (and Beyond)

This is the time of year where you, like most of us, are planning the big ol’ swap. You know, the one where your wooly throws and ultra-warm comforter get packed away until the holiday season arrives again. You’re ready to spend days outdoors, or close enough to it. And we’re right there with you. Getting your home ready to feel as bright as the days ahead should be a simple and sustainable process, requiring only a few changes for a major mood upgrade.

Choose year-round fabrics 
Linen and cotton, while popular options for warmer days, are actually great fabrics to use year-round. They’re both moisture-wicking, airy weaves that keep you warm enough to feel cozy while letting your skin breathe. As natural fabrics, they bring the sweet earthy feel of spring and summer indoors. Plus, they get softer with every wash, so come winter you might just refuse to swap back. 

Try sun-drying
Save energy by line-drying in the sun this spring and summer. Despite the unmatchable crispness of sun-dried linens, the sun’s rays can be super effective laundry aids. UV light naturally bleaches and disinfects, keeping your whites nice and bright. For dyed and darker fabrics, however, they’ll remain safe indoors. 

Go brighter and bolder
No matter the season, we’re constantly searching for ways to brighten a space. The good thing for us is that daylight is abundant this time of year. To go brighter and bolder, venture into new hues or patterns with your bed sheets, throws, and towels. These are great places to test tried and true mood-boosting tones like pastels, crisp whites, and warm neutrals.  

Bring on the florals 
While florals prints roll around each spring, flowers do much more for you and your space than you think. Adding fresh floral arrangements to a room, just like leafy plants, can help purify the air and improve your air quality. They’re also a quick and sure way to add vibrant color, texture, and outdoor vibes. With the right arrangement, you can even enhance the scent of your space for an added aromatherapy benefit. 

Lighten the load
We know your super plush robe and towels have likely saved you on many brisk winter mornings. But if you’re considering a bathroom refresh this spring, towels are both functional and staple bathroom decor. Consider going lighter on the plushness or opting for a waffle knit. These will help you dry off quickly and remain chill before and after showers. Trying fun new colors and weaves will be sure to give any bathroom a facelift.

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