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The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Weather the Father figure in your life loves to lounge or needs a lil extra R&R, we have the perfect gift for them!

Jun 01, 2021

Father’s day is around the corner and we want to help you pick out the perfect gift for the father figure in your life. Fathers do a lot for us. They give a ton of advice and tell a bad dad joke here and there, but they always have our backs. So, this year let’s show them the gift of comfort so they can sit back, relax and take in all their appreciation (‘cause you know they love that too!)


For the Zen Seeker

Dads deal with a lot and it’s been a hard year. Gift our Mulberry Silk Eye Mask so that your dad can zone out and fall into a deep relaxation. We have a variety of colors to choose from so anywhere they go (like even just from the couch to the recliner), your dad can bring the feeling of a spa with them. 


For the Happy Homebody

Does your dad prefer a weekend in and spending time with loved ones? We have the gift for them! Our Super-Plush Robe is sure to bring your dad comfort all weekend long. So much comfort in fact, that he doesn’t have to take it off if he doesn’t want to. He can chill on the couch and watch a good movie, water the plants in the garden, or hey, we won’t judge if he wants to walk the dog in it either. Maybe stop him before he hits the supermarket though.


For the Comfort Connoisseur 

Does your father/ father figure talk to you about how important a good night’s rest is? How you shouldn’t stay out too late on a school/ work night? If so, a new Luxe Hardcore Bundle is the right pick for them. Their advice has finally come back to benefit them. Show them how much you listen, they’ll be so honored. 


We can all agree that dads love comfort, and are so busy looking out for everyone else that they sometimes forget to gift themselves the comfort they need. So be your dad’s hero and come through with the R&R he deserves. And if you’re having trouble deciding, we’ve got gift cards so your dad can choose their own special gift. You may have to help them with the wifi password to get on though...

Written by Hayley Hill

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