Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

After a year of social distancing, having people stay in your home may feel like a big step. An exciting one! We know that reconnecting with the family and friends you’ve missed is enough to make anyone feel at home. But just in case, we’ve got some tips to ensure your overnight guests have an amazing stay. 

Tidy up 

Give your place a deep clean. Newcomers are more likely to notice the details you overlook every day. So, cleaning up all the nooks and crannies is super important. This includes decluttering, tightening those wobbly door knobs, replacing light bulbs, organizing your fridge or bathroom storage, and any other place your guests may frequent.

Have a good foundation

Ultimately, you want your guests to have a great stay. Keep things cool and comfortable by adding a mattress topper to the guest bed. Not only do they add a cloud-like layer to any mattress, but they also help keep things clean and hygienic between visitors.


Keep sheet fresh

There’s nothing like diving into a freshly laundered bed. Especially when that bed is made up with super soft and breathable sheets for any kind of sleeper. We recommend buttery Luxe Sateen bed sheets, a universal crowd-pleaser. They’re a step up from other cotton sheets. At a 480-thread count with a subtle shine, they’ll be sure to impress. 

We also recommend LG washers & dryers, which have the latest washing and drying smart innovations, with advanced cycles specifically tailored for towels & bedding to provide maximum wash performance and fabric care. Within each of these cycles you can choose from multiple options - temperature settings, spin speed and LG exclusive wash & steam options, so you can cater to your favorite items like plush or waffle towels and classic sheets. Or you can you simply use LG’s Normal cycle which has built-in fabric sensors that use AI technology to detect texture and load size, then automatically select the right wash motions, temperatures and more for advanced fabric care without the guesswork. 


Have extra towels ready

We all know a 2-towel-shower-taker. Investing in some extra towels before your guests arrive will keep you stocked and ready to host. You can’t go wrong with a super absorbent and quick-drying waffle towel. It’s equal parts practical and plush. 

Easy-to-access backups 

When giving your guests a tour of your home, it’s important to point out where any back-ups are. Toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, and more. These are all essentials that, should they need extra, they should feel comfortable to find. By avoiding any discomfort that may arise for your guest by having to ask for things, you’re adding to their sense of comfort in your space. 

Stock up on snacks

In a competition for the “hostess with the mostest,” the one with the most snacks will win. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than awkward gurgling stomachs or midnight cravings when you’re away from home. So, keep a well-stocked variety for your guests to dig into at any point of their stay. 

And remember, having plenty to offer is the best way to make sure your guests are always satisfied.

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