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What You Need to Host the Best Movie Night

Avoid the endless scroll with this recipe for the perfect night in.

Oct 22, 2021

As the leaves fall and it gets a little bit colder outside, you may be thinking of more ways to hang out with friends indoors. What better way to kick back than a movie night! Hosting one is way easier than you might think, because all you need is a cozy space, good company, the right movie, and the best snacks! In only a few easy steps, you’ll achieve your favorite fall hangout. We’ve got them laid out right here for you! 


The Clean Up

Even though the majority of the time your guests will be in your living room or TV area, that doesn't mean to skip the deep clean. Your guests will have to use your bathroom at some point or to the kitchen for refills. A good scrub down in commonly used areas can make a long lasting impression and make your guests feel more comfortable in your space. 

The Ambiance

Getting your space ready for a movie night is all about achieving maximum cozy vibes. Extra pillows, super soft throw blankets, and a few candles can set the mood for any genre. Then, go ahead. Snuggle up and get comfortable! There are many benefits to movie night whether it is with family or friends, it strengthens bonds, lessens stress, and allows us to escape from reality for just a little bit.


The Difficult Decisions

Picking the right movie can make or break your movie night! That’s why asking your friends ahead of time what they’re into and what they like to watch is essential! You can’t go wrong by picking the weekend’s new blockbuster or a classic film. Having two or three options ahead of time will help you avoid the very boring endless scroll. 

The Snacks

Snacks are almost more important than the actual movie. You already know who's coming, so you should have a good idea of what to provide. Be sure to ask your guests to bring whatever they want, then fill in the rest. For some crowd pleasures, go for a charcuterie board, popcorn, some sweets, and a few drink options. Food is the key to everyone’s hearts. 

The Extras

We have all been to a movie night, and usually, more than half of the night is talking and catching up. So, make time for that before or after the movie. Then, a great way to continue the fun is to have some games or cards out and ready to play. Group games will help you break out of that movie night comfort and into a lively night cap.

Written by Cybele Ramirez

Cybele is a freelance writer covering all things culture and lifestyle. She’s also a content strategist in the tech startup space and mastering Media Studies at The New School. You can find this native New Yorker canoodling her two dogs, trying out a new recipe, or on IG @cybelina.

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