What Your Summertime Pattern Says About You

What Your Summertime Pattern Says About You

There’s never a wrong time to play with color, pattern, and textures. But, something about warmer weather makes bold statements more enticing. Whether your digs are dressed in stripes or they get a seasonal switch, patterns and prints say as much about a space as they do about the person. What are your favorite patterns saying about you?


As the reliable one, stripes are a safe and secure print that can adapt to any decor phase you’re in. Modern, contemporary, rustic, industrial, you name it. Stripes will fit right in. Keep it classic with Steel Oxford Stripe or go for a bold Terracotta. You can trust a good stripe pattern to add visual texture to any space for a timeless and sophisticated feel. Stripes are perfect for anyone who struggles with commitment issues but is totally over their solid sheets.


Clean lines, symmetry, and geometric shapes are the perfect print for the modern minimalist. Spruce up your space with trustworthy Window Pane bed sheets or add some subtle texture with a cross stitched quilt. Unlike irregular or abstract prints, geometric prints give a sense of clarity, order, and cleanliness. It’s the perfect print for small spaces! 


With criss-crossing lines of varying widths, plaid is stripe’s valiant cousin. Plaid’s history is rooted in traditional Northern English and Scottish garbs. It’s unique lines and colors were used to identify clans and families. But today, plaid gives us the reliability of stripes with a historical, bold edge. 


This single-colored checkered print is nostalgic. Historically made on light, 100% cotton, gingham has been a staple pattern of simplistic style for centuries. But today, Gingham brightens any space with the retro feel of generations past. 


The subtle romantic. Florals are a classic print that can lighten up the energy in any space. If you tend to favor serene spaces, bright natural light, and gentle reminders of nature, this is your print. 


An abstract pattern, like Sea Grass, creates conversation for something as commonplace as bed sheets. The movement, irregular details, or fun colors in abstract prints add vibrant energy and a unique feel to a space while offering the perfect base for layering more prints and patterns. Abstract patterns are for the natural eclectic, the innovators, and the whimsical.

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