What is the difference between Super Plush, Classic, and Ultralight?

At this time we have three weights for our Towels -- Super Plush,
Classic, and Ultralight. All three of these styles are 100% premium Turkish
Cotton. They are all crafted with a special “Z twist” terry weave to maintain the quality of the cotton and give you the most luxurious feel.
The difference in these products comes down to the length of the terry weave. Super Plush has the longest loops and highest pile, making this our most absorbent and fluffiest Towel. The Classic is a lighter towel with a shorter pile with similar softness and absorbency as Super Plush. The Ultralight Towels are just as soft and strong as our plusher Towels, but have the shortest pile, therefore, extremely lightweight and fast drying!
Deciding which weight to go with really depends on your personal preference and
living space. If you’re looking for luxury and have the space for spa-like
Towels, we definitely suggest Super Plush. If you’re looking for more of an
everyday, soft and sturdy Towel, we’d go with Classic. If you need a Towel that
is versatile and perfect on-the-go, Ultralight is the move.
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