Our Comforters Are the Tops

We'll get straight to the point—they don't come any cozier than these.

Pick your plush: Down vs. Down Alternative (A win-win).

  • Down Comforters

    From $189

    Our Down comforters are hypoallergenic and DOWNMARK® Certified. A combination of down clusters and feathers offers superior softness.

  • Down Alternative Comforters

    From $159

    Made from 100% recycled PET microfiber, this vegan- and allergy-friendly comforter offers all of the coziness of down.

Choose Your Right Temp

  • Lightweight

    Cool, calm, and collected no matter the weather. This weight is a win for hot sleepers and warm nights.

  • All-Season

    The whatever-the-forecast-brings of bedding. This chameleon of comfort means you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • Ultra-Warm

    What we mean when we say cozy. You'll be wrapped in those fireside feels even on chilly nights.

Baffle Box Construction

Wondering what this term means? This feature means evenly distributed fill, for less fuss and more comfort. Clumping and bunching will be a thing of the past so you can bed better.

Loops to Lock in Place

Keeping your duvet in place has never been easier with the thoughtful design detail of loops on every corner. Whether you toss, turn, or all of the above, your duvet will stay put through the nights and naps.