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Spotlight on Silk

Silk pillowcases and eye masks actually help you sleep, feel, and look better, find out why. 

Nov 12, 2019

The right accessories can make all the difference to a great night’s rest. We’ve found silk to be an incredibly effective material for pillowcases and eye masks, for its practical and pampering properties. Made of the finest mulberry silk, our silk products (read all about the history of this ancient material and where ours comes from here) have been such a hit that we’re introducing two new colors: Blush and White. When it comes to the way you lay your head down at night, we’re Team Silk, all the way, and here’s why:

Your blowouts will last longer. 

Crisp and cool-to-the-touch, silk nourishes your locks, and our charmeuse finish reduces friction even more, preventing breakage and that dreaded overnight frizz. Plus, silk’s gentle nature means you won’t wake up with that annoying elastic-band-indent at the back of your head. 

It’s great for your skin

While other materials may dry out your skin, silk is like a delicate caress—in fact, dermatologists and beauty insiders have touted its benefits for years. Also, sleeping on other fabrics can cause wrinkles over time, especially for side or stomach sleepers, but silk’s lack of friction will leave your face looking refreshed and crease-free. 

Mulberry Silk Bundle in Blush | ALIGN : RIGHT

It looks chic.

Silk is like jewelry for your bed. Adding silk accents to your bedroom is an easy way to bring some instant glamour to your space. Plus it will make you extra excited for bedtime every time you catch a glimpse of that tempting sheen peeking out from under your duvet.

There’s nothing more pampering.

We love lots of materials, but let’s face it, there’s nothing more pampering than silk. We recommend treating yourself to nighttime rituals to help you unwind before bed, such as meditating, turning off your devices, and lighting a scented candle. End your ritual with a swath of silk against your eyes and cheek and you’ll be sure to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

As you can see, the benefits of silk are boundless, and something as small as a pillowcase and an eye mask can play a significant role in how you wake up feeling (and looking). So this holiday season, be sure to pamper your loved ones (and yourself!) by slipping some silk into their stocking. 

Written by Kamala Nair

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