What's the difference between Plush, Mid-Plush, and Firm?

The Plush Down Pillow is our softest and fluffiest Pillow. It is perfect for bringing hotel luxury right into your bedroom.

The Mid-Plush Down Pillow has a dual-core structure with an extra supportive inner layer and a super comfy outer layer. These Pillows are our best sellers and the most versatile option.

Our Firm Down Pillow has the same dual-core construction as the Mid-Plush, but with a higher ratio of the dense inner layer to the fluffy outer layer. 

We also offer a Down Alternative Pillow which falls in between a Plush and Mid-Plush firmness making it the perfect fit for all kinds of sleepers. The Marlow Pillow is our memory foam option with an adjustable firmness for those who like to change it up once in awhile! 

You can learn more about our Pillows here. :) 

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